I’m posting over at A Philosopher’s Take now. Here’s an excerpt from my first post:

What we are likely to create, though, if we allow AIs all the benefits that emerging technologies can bring, are para-persons, things that have all the personhood qualities, or pass all the tests for personhood, that philosophers have set up (self-awareness, ethical cognition, other-awareness, self-respect, linguisticially expressible concerns etc.), but also have an ability that makes them not supra-persons, but something outside of personhood. That is, even if it had all the personhood qualities, it could also have an additional, defeating quality for personhood: the ability to change instantly and without effort. Our ethical systems are designed or adapted to apportion blame and praise to persons. But it’s not clear that they will work with the kind extremely malleable para-persons that strong AI or strong enhancement will produce. read the whole thing at A Philosopher’s Take

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