Teletransporter or Mail?

Given a choice between teletransporting to Mars via Derek Parfit’s case-one teletransporter (your body is destroyed on earth and then a perfect replica with all your memories, beliefs, thoughts, intentions, desires, etc. is created on Mars from fresh matter) or being Express Mailed to Mars, which takes only a couple days, but, since it’s the postal service, they lose something, in this case all your experience-memories, personality, etc., which they dutifully replace with a really nice set of experience memories, personality traits, etc., would you choose the teletransporter or the mail service?

Probably need to flesh out the Express Mail version a bit. Some variants:

1. You’re unconscious for the trip, and then your body wakes up on Mars but with the memories of a really happy, healthy, well-adjusted person who’s an all-around good human being and who is not easily perturbed.

2. You’re awake for the trip and the memory and personality replacement takes place gradually over the two- to three-day trip, though it is just as total as in case 1.

This can be seen as thought experiment to see whether someone holds the physical or psychological criterion, and also as a critique of the postal service.

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