Handout for Undergraduate Epistemology Classes

Linked below is a handout I give on the first day of my undergraduate epistemology class. It lists basic terms and concepts, including entries for:

  1. Knowledge
  2. justified
  3. true
  4. belief
  5. coherentism
  6. foundationalism
  7. infinitism
  8. virtue epistemology
  9. internalism
  10. externalism
  11. know-how
  12. know-that
  13. a priori
  14. a posteriori
  15. introspection
  16. perception
  17. intuition
  18. the given
  19. testimony
  20. skepticism
  21. standpoint
  22. infinite regress
  23. contextualism
  24. knowable, knowables

I’ll be adding more items later in the semester and will update the handout.

Epistemology Basic Terms and Concepts

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